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Please see our following plan details. And if you want to be our premium member please Create your Account. For more information Contact with us now.


Registration & Activation

  • Free Registration
  • Premium Plan Activation ₹3000/- only

Benefits Of Premium Plan

  • Shopping Point - 3000/-
  • Discount Voucher(1000*3) - 3000/-


  • Account balance and gift point transfer all member id-strictly OPD and E-mail information most.
  • Account balance transfer any time.
  • Member id joining minimum purchase 3000 point.
  • Gift point transfer for monthly.
  • Member joining by direct/ sponsor credit by 1000 point.

Level Income Seven Generation

  • 1st level income.direct joining/sponsor.; 100 extra 1% gift point up to 2nd level limited
  • 2st level income.direct joining/sponsor.; 1000 extra 0.50% gift point up to 3rd level limited
  • 3rd level income.direct joining/sponsor.; 10000 extra 0.25% gift point up to 4th level limited.
  • 4th level income.direct joining/sponsor.; 100000 extra 0.15% gift point up to 5th level limited.
  • 5th level income.direct joining/sponsor.; 1000000 extra 0.10% gift point up to 6th level limited
  • 6th level income.direct joining/sponsor.; 10000000 extra 0.5% gift point up to 7th level limited
  • 7th level income.direct joining/sponsor.; 100000000 =continue for life time achive in company.


  • Weekly business closure on Friday and payout Monday fund transfer.
  • KYC Mandatory and one account par one pan.
  • All rights reserves with company management.
  • Daily capping will unlimited member id joining.
  • KYC mandatory as per guidelines.

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